I am rather annoyed because I bought Heretic II from Amazon, only to find that it won't install on my 64-bit Windows 8 laptop. I suspect that this is because it's a 16-bit installer, and support for 16-bit progs was dropped some Windows versions back. Needless to say, contemptibility mode doesn't work (it never does). The really annoying thing is that I suspect that the actual game is 32-bit, and that it would run just fine if only I could get it onto my machine.

I've tried installing it on a Windows 98 VM in VirtualBox; it installs, but the VM is limited to a 640x480x16 display, which is hopelessly inadequate for this game (especially the x16 bit). I don't know how to get this game out of the VM on to the real system, since the VM sees my (real) DVD-RW drive as a CD-ROM, and the virtual network which is supposed to link the two machines doesn't work; I suppose because a Win98 machine (real or virtual) simply can't communicate with a Win8 machine. (I also have a Ubuntu VM, which works far better than the Win98 one, but I can't get that talking to the host machine either, and anyway I don't think I have Wine. If I did run the installer under Wine on Ubuntu, that would be strictly to copy the installation to the host, as running the game through one level of emulation would be bad enough, never mind two layers.)

Anyone have any ideas?

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