Ultimate Quake Engine (UQE) Is a Source port for QuakeQuake_IIHexen_II and Doom3. By Jacques Krige. Focusing mainly in bugfixing while keeping true to the original game.

UQE comes with a manual outlining the required steps to run the engine, and additional steps explaining how to do the extra features listed below. the manual is located over the docs folder.

Fmod for playback is also included.

You can download UQE from here.

You can also visit the author's main page here.

Hexen II


UQE Hexen II

UQE supports Hexen II, And its expansion pack [1] with many features, Such as high resolution support.

The latest version is 1.18


  • Widescreen and high resolution support.
  • OpenGL 4.5 Support.
  • External music playback .Ogg .Mp3 and .Wav files are supported.
  • Quake 2 style skyboxes, .Tga and ,.Jpg are supported.
  • External textures support, .Tga and .Jpg are supported.
  • Colored Lightning with .lit files.
  • External mdl skins support.
  • Support for .pk3 file format.
  • Classic rendering mode, Set texture mode to "point sampled" to enable. Optionaly set the resolution to 640x480.
  • Wireframe mode, set gl_wireframe 1 to enable. Can be used for testing and seeing how the engine works.
  • Improved rendering, now textures are more true to the software renderer removing the blurred look of the OpenGL renderer, But also keeping a midway point between the two, Making the game sharper.
  • Improved Windows 10 compatibility.

Reporting Bugs

If you found a bug or want to give a suggestion, You can use the author's contact page here

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