50 - Palace of Emperor Egg Chen
Palace of Emperor Egg Chen
Hexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus

Hub 2: Tulku

Level Chronology

Temple of Kalachakra


Palace Inner Chambers


The Palace of Emperor Egg Chen is the eighth map of Hub 2: Tulku of Hexen II Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus.

It is a large and opulent palace, built mostly from white stone and marble. It features numerous large halls and hallways, statues and decorations. There is a peculiar type of statue, which can react and move when provoked.

The inner parts of the building are accessible only to those of noble blood.


The player's main task is to find the key for the inner sections of the palace.

Portal of Praevus - Hubs & Levels
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Eidolon's LairVillage of TurnabelDuke's KeepThe CatacombsThe Hall of the Dead
Hub 2
TulkuIce CavesFalse TempleCourtyards of TsokTemple of KalachakraTemple of Bardo
Temple of PhurbuPalace of Emperor Egg ChenPalace Inner ChambersInner Sanctum of Praevus

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