The Outer Worlds represent the darker and more chaotic half of the universe, located outside the crystal sphere that surrounds the Aether. It is an uncharted land inhabited by powerful evil spirits and demonic entities, among them - the dreaded Serpent Riders, who have conquered an unknown number of the Outer Worlds, enslaving their populations.

Corvus is known to have traveled through the Outer Worlds after his defeat of D'Sparil, and each new world he went to was more desolate and alien that the last. It took him several years of wandering before he finally had a chance to return to Parthoris.

Known Worlds

  • Hell's Maw - A staging ground for D'Sparil's forces that also contains a world ripple connected directly to his underwater lair.
  • The Ossuary - A world occupied by D'Sparil's forces that has become increasingly barren and corrupted over the years.
  • The Stagnant Demesne - The birthplace of D'Sparil, ruled by his personal bodyguards in his stead.

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