Hammer Attack (4-32)
Charge (7-56)
Fire Ball (3-24 per)
Fire Trail (4-32)


Flame Orb (worth 10)
Mystic Urn (rarely)

Appears in



The Maulotaur is an enemy encountered in Heretic, first fought as a boss at the end of Hell's Maw.


  • Melee

If the player gets too close, the Maulotaur will charge in at high speed for a Melee. Although it moves fast, the player can easily outrun it and also get a few good shots off with the Hellstaff and/or Phoenix Rod.

  • Fire Ball

The Maulotaur launches five balls of fire in an arc towards the player.

  • Fire Trail

The Maulataur forms a trail of fire towards the player that can travel over anything and seemingly through walls. As well as dealing damage with a direct hit, the trails also standby for a few seconds and due to the speed of the attack, the player can find him/herself blocked in by multiple trails. If the player walks into one of these trails, it will deal massive damage.

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