04 - King's Court
King's Court
Hexen II


Puzzle Items

Disrupt Magic Scroll

New Enemies

Fire Imp
Stone Golem

Level Chronology

Inner Courtyard
Palace Entrance

The King's Court is a level found in Blackmarsh, the first hub of Hexen II. It is a major hub with exits to several other maps. Players will have to solve several puzzles here.

The map takes place within a large fortified town, which features numerous houses - a tailor's shop, butcher's shop, a hardware shop, and a tavern. The houses conceal a variety of secrets, such as a magical scroll kept hidden by Martek the tailor, or the secret altar of the Brotherhood of Hunger at the Shoppe.

The entrance to the palace is protected by an impenetrable magical barrier, which has to be dispelled somehow.


The player's first task is to obtain the key for the tailor's closet - there is a clue about its location in the house. The item hidden inside can break the magical barrier blocking the palace entrance.

Once the player has found the Amulet of Hunger, they can enter the Brotherhood's secret chapel and receive a clue to their next major puzzle.


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