Iron Lich



Fire Blast (5-40, 6 times)
Ice Bolt (1-8, each shard dealing 3-24)
Tornado (1-8)


Claw Orb
Morph Ovum (rarely)

Appears in



The Iron Lich is an enemy encountered in Heretic, first fought as a boss at the end of The City of the Damned.


Iron Lich takes the appearance of a giant floating skull wearing a helmet. Iron Lich has a range of attacks based on the different elements of ice, fire and wind.

Iron Liches' attacks seem to be focused on attacking enemies who take cover.


  • Fire Blast

Launches six balls of fire stacked vertically, dealing damage on contact.

  • Tornado

Launches a tornado that follows the player at moderate speed. A player caught in the tornado is spun around and dealt damage.

  • Ice Bolt

Launches a ball of ice that shatters into shards when it makes contact with a solid surface. Both the ball and shards deal damage on contact.


It is first encountered as a boss when the player faces one to three (depending on difficulty level) of them at the end of the City of the Damned. After that, they become normal enemies.

Iron Lich is arguably one of the toughest enemies in the game and every encounter is going to be a moderately difficult battle.

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