Fallen Angel



Hand Attack 12-22 Damage
Wing Attack 8-16 Damage

Appears in

Hexen II


The Fallen is an enemy found in Hexen II.

It looks rather angelic and glides around gracefully. They can disappear and reappear somewhere else and are sometimes pretty much invisible against the background.  The Fallen Angel Lord is much more robust with a nasty lightning attack.

Excerpt from the Chronicle of Deeds

"Fallen Angels haunt the decaying castles of Blackmarsh. Ghostly and ethereal, they possess a surreal, deceptive beauty. But beware! Fallen Angels rank among Eidolon’s most deadly minions, and harbor no love for humans despite their charming appearance.

Fallen Angels use magic to harm their foes. Common attacks include magical bursts that seem to originate from the Angel’s translucent wingtips, and a crimson, spiraling bolt of magic that rends everything in its path.

When attacked, the Fallen Angel is more than capable of protecting itself. Naturally hard to see due to their ghostlike transparency, Fallen Angels further confound their opponents by flying to and fro. When seriously threatened, the Angel can enfold itself in its own wings to ward off damage."

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