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American's Legacy is the unofficial name of the third and final level of Episode 6 in Heretic. The level can only be accessed via cheating or command-line parameters.

It is primarily meant for Deathmatch, and is thus fairly non-linear. The level does not have an exit and is the point where the player's adventures in this episode end.

Walkthrough and Secrets

E6M3 heretic
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Single-Player Stats

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Multiplayer Stats

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  • In the original three-episode version of Heretic, this map appeared as the sole "hidden" level in the game - E4M1.
  • Placing an exit in the level with a map editor will merely cause the game to crash upon completion.
  • The level is named after game designer American McGee who was the author of IDMAP01 - a standalone deathmatch map for Doom II. E6M3 is based on the design of IDMAP01, however it adds monsters, making it playable in Single Player mode.

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