Species Sidhe
Homeworld Parthoris
Appears in Heretic
Heretic II

Corvus is a Sidhe Elf, and the main protagonist of both Heretic and Heretic II.


A long time ago, Corvus battled against the followers of D'Sparil, one of the three Serpent Riders. He was successful in finally destroying D'Sparil and freeing Parthoris from his evil grip. However, in the act of destroying D'Sparil he was cursed by him and transported far away to ravaged land full of vile creatures; he was destined to wander these outer worlds for a long time.

His only comfort was that he traveled with one of the Tomes of Power and his trusty staff which assisted him in surviving alone against the foul beasts that continually pursued him. This was his eternal lot, until now...



  • Corvus' name is derived from the scientific name for a raven, Corvus corax.

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