A Chaos Serpent is a creature first encountered as the mount of the Serpent Rider D'Sparil in Heretic. They are then primarily found inhabiting the world of Cronos during Hexen, in two different varieties.


Chaos Serpents look nasty but they are actually relatively easy to take out with ranged fire. They move a lot from side to side, making their progression towards you slow overall. Their ranged fire is nasty, but with all their gadding about they don't get to fire that much before you kill them. The main problem comes later in the game when they start appearing in large groups. They come in two varieties: Green serpents that spit fireballs, and brown ones that shoot poison gas.


Green Chaos Serpent



Fire Ball (10-80)
Triple Fire Ball (10-80 per)
Bite (8-64)

Appears in



The only Chaos Serpent in Heretic is ridden by D'Sparil. It is much more powerful than those encountered in Hexen. It initially fires single fireballs, but fires a spread of three with each shot when it is below half health. It is also capable of suddenly rushing towards the player.

This Serpent has 2,000 hit points and deals 10-80 damage per fireball.


Chaos Serpent



Fireball (10-40)
Bite (7-20)

Appears in

Hexen: Beyond Heretic


Unlike in Heretic, Chaos Serpents are a common enemy in Hexen. The two varieties are nearly identical, with both having similar physical appearance and identical amounts of health. The only difference is the projectile they fire.

Green Chaos Serpent

Green Chaos Serpents spit fireballs at the player, which deal 5-40 damage. They also tend to be found within buildings and similarly inhabited areas.

Brown Chaos Serpent

Brown Chaos Serpents spew balls of green poison gas. These do not poison the player, although they may do more damage than the Green serpent's fireballs. The Brown variety is more commonly found in wilder areas, either places with open skies or natural tunnels.



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