33 - Cathedral
Hexen II

Hub 5: Return to Blackmarsh

Level Chronology

Coliseum of War (Hub 4)


Tower of the Dark Mage




The Cathedral is the first map of fifth hub of Hexen II. The player returns to Blackmarsh where the adventure started, but this time the Serpent Rider's lair is very close.

It is a large religious complex, featuring a cleric's living abode, storage rooms, flooded catacombs, a bell tower and a large prayer hall. The Cathedral has been defiled and invaded by some of the strongest among Eidolon's minions.


Players will not be able to do much during their first visit to the Cathedral, although they can explore and discover a font of holy water.

A sheet of music will be necessary in order to play the organ and open new areas. There is a defiled holy relic in the main chamber, but if it is purified, it could be used to bless the altar once again. Only then will the Underhalls become accessible.

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