Blackmarsh is a continent in the world of Thyrion, which has a European-Medieval kingdom theme. It is a gloomy and humid land, featuring forests, swamps, large castles, simple peasant dwellings, workshops, crypts and temples in a semi-Christian style.

A larger town, which once housed the King's palace, has become the bastion of Famine and its minions. A mysterious cult, known as the Brotherhood of Hunger has emerged among the populace and worships the dreaded rider. The town holds other secrets as well.

Eidolon's lair is located on this continent as well, in the vicinity of an old Cathedral and a Mage's tower.

Blackmarsh is the birthplace of the Crusader, who was raised at a small secluded monastery.


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Players visit Blackmarsh in the beginning and the end of the game. In the first hub, the main objective is to locate and destroy Famine. In the final hub, players must face Eidolon himself.


The Fallen Angel is unique to the continent of Blackmarsh, yet it appears only in the fifth. They are a relatively rare enemy.

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